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HP j4500 j4580 삼성 SCX 1860F 설치방법

무한통 설치방법 SCX 1860 (Muhan-S1860T) Ver 1.1


Samsung CLX-6260 - How to repair #A1-4112 Error

Complete guide to diagnosing and repairing your Samsung CLX-6260 laser printer due to #A1-4112 Actuator Motor error - DON'T WASTE MONEY buying the motor yet!
Eoin Jones : Thanks so much man! I had the same problem on my CLP-680ND and this worked.
James Barnaby : Thanks, Jack saved me a few hundred quid, using a bit of sticky-back felt :)
Stephanie Zinser : A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I just followed these instructions, it was exactly the thing Jack fixed, and a printer I have not been able to use for over a year is now back in service. Thank you!!
SEGA DEV : Thank you very much!
Charles Tapson : Jack - you are brilliant! Thanks so much for your guidance - works perfectly again.




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