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LG 마우스 스캐너 LSM 100 사용기

LG 마우스 스캐너 LSM 100 사용기
김민서 : 와 마우스 스캐너 정말 좋네요
집에 마우스도 고장났고 스캐너도 살까 생각중이었는데 이거 한번 알아봐야겠네요~
좋은 정보 감사합니다^^
강모든 : 살까말까 고민했는데 역시! 안사야겠군요!

LG Mouse Scanner LSM-100 Unboxing and Review

The LSM-100 from LG is the world's first mouse scanner. No prizes for guessing why. As expected, it's not a great mouse, but the built in scanner is a little bit more useful.

Having used the Mouse Scanner for some real tasks, it became apparent how useless it was for scanning a full document I mention in the video that it isn't great at scanning the edges of a page, and that is why I returned it for a refund. I needed to scan A4 sheet of paper, sometimes to print again, so scanned images with wonky edges was not suitable. Furthermore, whatever mechanism it uses to detect the orientation of the mouse does not work perfectly. Often it thinks you're dragging the mouse in a different direction to what you actually are. This makes for terribly aligned images.

Cynthia De Gutierrez : Thank you Jake for showing all the parts that came with it. Somehow we seem to have misplaced the small CD disc and the little pamphlet with instructions, so we haven't been able to use it. Got any ideas to help us?
dilydan : Great review, I think I'll be buying one. The image scanned almost looks like an incredibly high quality photo of a piece of paper, due to the table also being included.
G6JPG : Good honest review. I have one (well, the 150, but I think it's the same [maybe less slippy? I don't find it a problem as a mouse]), and agree: it's a good little scanner, but gets confused (of course, it's the software, not the scanner) by large areas with no detail. (I don't think I'd have paid £50 - IIRR I paid about £15, on ebay - was new in box though.)

One thing to comment on - you have to keep the window reasonably clean, or scans start to have shadows: I keep it in its pouch when not using it. (I'd therefore not use it as a general mouse, even though I found no problem using it as one - mice are a very personal thing, though, like keyboards,)

Obviously, it's very portable; also, unlike the sheetfed ones you might consider for similar portability, it can scan things that aren't sheets you can feed through. Such as bits of books.

For photographs, it wasn't as good as my flatbed - less able to get both shadow and highlight detail. But for many things, it's very good; I particularly like the "real time" - you can see literally in seconds if you've started wrong, rather than having to wait for completion before you see the result, as most flatbed drivers do. (That's what they mean by real time, I think.)

On the whole, I'm content with it. (Mine didn't have the pad with the cover, which looks useful.)
2DRINKSMINIMUM : great review. it certainly does well with texts, but how bout with pictures? does it distort images?
John Churchill : A very nice job with your review, Jake.

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그래픽 카드1060 3gb
CPU:i5 8400
램: 16GB
모니터 킹몬 24인치 144hz 서브 LG 모델명 모름 60HZ
마우스 G pro X 슈퍼라이트
감도:400 40 1
그래픽:올매낮 선명화 등등끔
배그 밝기:100
앤디비아 밝기:75
디지털 바이브런스:100
마우스 패드:GSR
키보드:만원짜리 Led 키보드
이어폰:밥쇽 4d
사블:G5 EQ (12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 6) (7 7 5 3 2 2 4 7 7 9 3)




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